ROTARY – The Company

For more than 65 years ROTARY is a world class manufacturer and distributor selling to customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our aim is to continue to introduce new and improved products for the increased success of our industry - The Green Industry.

ROTARY will continue exploring avenues to maintain a significant world-wide presence in the outdoor power equipment industry.


Company key facts:

  • world's largest supplier of outdoor power equipment aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Founded in 1957 - Family owned 3rd generation
  • Quality parts, tools and accessories that meet or exceed OEM requirements
  • Outstanding value and service
  • Exceptional service
  • Highest fill-rate in the industry
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Strong Brands





ROTARY – Company History


 1957  Parts distribution company established by J.D. Harvey in Glennville, GA.

 1966  Bill Nelson purchases Rotary Mower Parts & Manufacturing Co. from J.D. Harvey.

 1969  First warehouse constructed on site of a former drive-in movie theater near Glennville.
 1972  ROTARY ships first export order to Europe.

 1974  Company begins manufacture of foam air filters. Arrow Sales distributorship is purchased, providing ROTARY with its first warehouse operation in California.

 1981  ROTARY completes purchase of Lawn Mower Parts Company.

 1984  ROTARY opens new distribution warehouse in Dallas, TX.

 1986  ROTARY opens new distribution warehouse in Columbus, OH.

 1991  Dorcy Lawn Mower Parts purchased by ROTARY and moved to Glennville.

 1992  International division opened in Wavre, Belgium.

 1994  New distribution warehouse opened in Albany, NY.

 1994  ROTARY’s blade manufacturing facility becomes the first of its type in the world to receive certification under the ISO 9000 Quality Standard.

 1997  Bill Nelson named chairman of the board and Ed Nelson elected president/CEO.

 2001  Distribution warehouse opened in Richmond, VA.

 2007  New wastewater treatment facility installed at blade manufacturing facility.

 2010  Distribution center opened in Largo, FL. 2011  Distribution facility opened in Evansville, IN.

 2014  ROTARY’s blade manufacturing division produces its 200 millionth blade.

 2014  Purchased the manufacturing assets of Parker Filter Company.

 2015 Major expansion and upgrade of shipping and fulfillment operations in Glennville.

 2017 Acquired Desert Extrusion, a leading trimmer line manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ.

 2017 Opened new filter manufacturing division in Reidsville, GA

 2018 Reached another milestone with next day delivery to nearly 85% of customers in the continental U.S.

 2018 Established new International Headquarters in Zweibrücken, Germany

 2020 Marked manufacturing milestone with production of ROTARY’s 250 millionth mower blade at its world class facility in Glennville, GA


ROTARY – A global Player

  • Satisfied customer in 70 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America,
    Canada, Australia and Africa can´t be wrong!
  • ROTARY Corporation will continue exploring avenues to maintain a significant
    world-wide presence in the outdoor power equipment industry.
  • Responding to growing demands of our European customers ROTARY decided to
    establish ROTARY Headquarters for Europe in Germany



In 2018 ROTARY Corp. established new European Headquarter in Zweibrücken (Germany)
to better serve customers throughout all European countries, Middle East and Northern Africa.
Having key functions like customer care and parts-distribution in Europe means:
increasing convenience, more support and reduction of lead-time for our customers.


ROTARY Europe also has a product management team that is constantly searching for items specific to the European markets.
If you have a proposal for an item we do not currently carry or if you have questions about our products, please contact: