ROTARY - High Quality - Worldclass Brands

Whether it's blades, trimmer line or filters - our ROTARY Quality Parts are produced in state of the art manufacturing facilities in the USA utilizing new technologies and latest quality control methods. Quality excellence is our priority.


Duramatic - Lawn Mower Blades

Founded in 1950, Duramatic Products produces millions of blades each year with a tradition of excellence in quality and customer service that is second to none. With our commitment to quality throughout the years, we've built an international reputation for experience and excellence that we are extremely proud to have earned.

Duramatic produces the world's finest lawn mower and edger blades in our state-of-the-art 17 000 m² manufacturing spaces in Glennville and Reidsville, Georgia. Our reputation for quality products, competitive prices and guaranteed customer satisfaction spans the United States.







Desert Extrusion - Trimmer Lines

Desert Extrusion, a division of Rotary Corporation, has been manufacturing world class trimmer line since its founding in 1990 in Phoenix, Arizona USA. Acquired by Rotary in 2017, Desert Extrusion produces a wide assortment of premium quality trimmer line in various sizes and shapes, including round, diamond-edge and our best-selling twisted Vortex line.

Through years of research and development, our product engineers have formulated proprietary nylon raw materials that simply outperform the competition. Using advanced extrusion technology, we’ve set industry standards for durability, performance and unmatched quality.

Desert Extrusion and privately-branded trimmer line products are sold in over 75 countries around the world.